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David Kitchen

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prisoner of 89

Feature Film

PRISONER OF ’89 is my first feature film, principal photography was due to have begun in June 2021, for obvious reasons it is now rescheduled for spring 2023. Prisoner of ’89 is an independent, British coming-of-age, comedy drama I wrote and am ready to produce and direct.

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After graduating from LAMDA’s 3-year acting course, I worked in television, stage and voice-over for over fifteen years. I later gravitated toward the charity sector, working as a fundraising / marketing consultant with some of the largest charities in the country – Save the Children, Amnesty International, Oxfam to name a few.

In 2014 I enrolled on the Raindance Director’s Foundation Course and soon got to work on my first short film, Family Reunion. Winning and short-listing at many of the UK’s best film festivals I decided to move back to where my heart belongs and intends to stay, this time behind the camera. 

family reunion poster 2

Short Film - Family Reunion

What they said:
Many short films are unable to cover so many powerful and thought-provoking subjects with such detail and complexity. A fantastic directorial debut from Kitchen.‘ – Mad About Movies

When the various family secrets surface, it makes you realise how great this little script is. Playing with time in film is widely popular and here it was pulled off very smoothly. An emotional gathering in more ways than one. Family Reunion seems to be a mere taster of what David Kitchen can produce’. – I’m With Geek

Keep an eye out for David Kitchen, I’m told his next script is ready…’ – The Dicko Show

‘Directed by a man who has nurtured his project for long enough to know exactly where to go with it, Family Reunion has an open ending and leaves many questions unanswered. Without revealing too much, Family Reunion is cleverly directed and edited. It proves that you do not need 2 hours to tell a strong story.
Family Reunion is a Masterpiece.‘ – Film News 

david on location

D&A Productions

D&A Productions is a London based videography company offering a flexible approach to your online marketing and promotional requirements. 

We deliver a complete filmmaking journey from conception to online presence. We are a two man team (depending on the scale of the shoot), therefore maximising on flexibility whilst reducing on overheads. 


No stone is left unturned when it comes to getting to know your business, your event and your aims. We’ll offer a realistic and competitive price for the project but NEVER compromise on quality.


Once all pre-production is in place and checklists checked and checked again our crew moves in to do what we do best.


We work across all editing suites ensuring compatibility with your software and footage library. We begin the edit, ‘break its back’, then either follow your lead for the final cut or deliver our choices. Either way, we ensure every second is footage worth using that will promote your event, company or brand.


Today’s marketing and promotional material isn’t worth posting unless accompanied by video, it is essential! Social Media posts with video footage attract more than 3 X  as many inbound links than static posts. We tailor your footage to each SM platform.